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Online food delivery app : Restro food

The entire food industry is booming with Application launches and campaigns to generate a user base.
The restaurant business is in revolutionizing pace. Food chain business is competing in the market with technology but the sure-shot solution is Application development.

Restaurant business speeding up and to scale up the business application development needs to be applied.

More importantly, offering a highly convenient experience for users should always be a top priority of any business.

Mind you that the real growth of any business starts with its strong online presence.

Users trust reviews and ratings. The restaurant business keeps attracting users with their offers and delicious deals every day.

But when comes to reaching out a large chunk audience simultaneously having Online Application for your Business is vital.

Over long periods of time demand tends to be perfectly technocentric. Smartphone usage is growing day by day and users expect an efficient and customizable application which lets them book table and order food on the way.

Information technology does not limit itself to scaling businesses only but also lets them break the barriers and discover the undiscoverable.

If we discuss the statistical facts:

  • Restaurant business has increased over 30% of average basket size.
  • Users who order online also tend to visit the restaurant 70% more compared to visitors who do not use online application at all.
  • Food payment of $211 Billion has been collected till 2019.
  • It is estimated that online delivery is estimated to grow from $25 billion to in 2017 to $60 billion by 2022.

The comfort behind using food delivery applications will never get old. Famous app store and play store are up and constantly running to welcome businesses and make their application successful.
It definitely costs some dollars to develop an application, but the question comes whether is it worth it or not?

We wish to offer you more than Yes or No answer, keep reading to gain some more information. Successful food delivery applications like UberEats and Postmates constantly update their features and services to engage users.

Market Potential of Online Food Delivery

Online food delivery market has the potential to reach $16.61 Billion by 2023 at 27.9% CAGR.

The standard of living in developing countries are at a peak. High-speed internet and a sudden surge in smartphone industries have increased app installation and usage.

The key factor every tech company are aware of is Portability. The key factor is users want to comfort and availability at every location. The time or place should not matter when it comes to serving clients.

Growing technology Adaption and Digitalization is the core factor to focus on when we talk about the restaurant with app development. Investment in technology is growing and due to immense opportunities, there will be a higher chance of development in Online Restrofood chain.

As we have talked about the emerging market of the online restaurant business, let us explore the types of Food Delivery Applications:

Two types of the business market:

  • Mediator
  • Complete platform support

This model consists of a platform which works between user and restaurant. The application sends user request directly to the restaurant. It works as a mediator between them.
In short, this application lets users order food from the restaurant and at the same time allows restaurants to view user’s order and work on it. In this method, delivery support is not included from the platform end.
Complete platform support:
UberEats or Zomato are examples of complete platform support applications. From registering to delivering food to the user’s home, everything will be managed by the platform. The restaurant just needs to prepare the food and that is all!More importantly, the platform takes all the responsibility from registering users to taking food order, setting up a seamless payment method as well as delivering food at their desired location. Therefore, restaurants only need to focus on making delicious food and pack it gracefully.

Wondering About The Best Food Delivery Apps?

Food delivery market is booming with new application launches almost every day, but these Food Delivery Apps has made their strong presence and always bring out delicious food to your doorstep. These are some Big boys of Food delivery apps which are immensely successful at what they offer:

Tech Stack Food Delivery Applications Use

To list a restaurant: Grubhub API and FourSquare
Powerful Payment API: Square API, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree
User location finder: Core Location Framework, Google Places API
Direction Finder : Google Maps, MapKit
CloudBoy : Azure, AWS
Registration : Facebook SDK Login
Storage Capacity  : Amazon Cloud Storage
Analytics  : Google Analytics

With the right mindset and creativity, online food delivery business can touch to the sky. Delivering flavourful food should not never go out of style!

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