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On Demand Beauty Services: The Next Big Idea and Changing Market

Must have spa & salon booking website features to get huge success  


In this digitized era, businesses that do not cop up with technologies will be soon out of the market.  In this era of online marketing, building your online presence is an essential part of any business. Spa & salon business also requires effective online presence. Currently, there are very few spa & salon services connecting online with end customers. Although this market is emerging gradually. Having strong online presence is becoming integral part of every business. Let’s have a look at salon business scenario. 

Customers face many problems to get the best service of the salon. For example, getting an appointment at a local salon takes so much time. Either you can’t get an appointment at your desired time or you have to sit for long hours and wait for your turn. Moreover, there are many other great salons out there offering amazing deals that customers are not aware of. Getting listed in online salon booking platform can help you to increase clients. Online salon booking platform makes the booking process seamless and with 24/7 access to the website, your customer can book an appointment when and wherever they want to. Online booking platform helps you grow your customer base by attracting and capturing new customers. 


What is business and revenue model?

If you are considering designing online booking platform then check out how your website can make money. Here are some of the prominent ways to earn money from a website: 

  • Commission cut on every appointment
  • Subscription based service to allow beauty professionals for listing and running their business through a website
  • On-site promotion with an advertisement of beauty professional

Now after considering revenue model, it’s time for website development. Online salon booking website structure is similar to any other service-based e-commerce website. When it comes to designing an online salon booking platform, must focus on ease of the search and making appointments. Style & Smile online salon booking platform is specially designed to fulfill all the requirements of beauty professionals. There are many effective features in style & Smile so that salons can get more clients. Have a look at following important features to make effective online booking platform:


1 Beauty professionals’ profile

The profile page of salons should be designed in such a way that customer can get all required information in just one page. Provide following information of any spa or salon registered in your website:

  • Services offered by them with price
  • Business hours
  • Address & contact information
  • Location map-view
  • Client reviews & rating
  • Social Media profiles
  • Discount offers
  • Portfolio of respective salon’s previous clients

You can even add filter options such as rating, price, services and location near you etc.


2 Easy salon search result

Salon search feature should be provided on the homepage. Your search feature should include a text field for salon name search, location, date and time. Focus on how you can make your website easy to use for customers as well as salon owners. The salon search result should be displayed with sufficient filtering options. To give much better experience to your users – you can also place quick links to popular service categories and cities at the bottom of the search box. 


3 Attractive homepage

Salon booking website should focus on better UI to offer a seamless experience to users. You never get a second chance to make the first impression. Remember you get few seconds to grab user’s attention. Your homepage should be designed in such a way that users can have a clear idea about services. Fonts also matter a lot while designing attractive homepage. Don’t use tiny fonts. Bigger readable fonts will tempt users to read more about the salon and its services. A homepage should consist following details in an effective manner:

  • Main banner image and tagline of your online booking website
  • A custom search box for users to find salons
  • Listing categories and services on the homepage for easier navigation

Designing attractive homepage is an essential part. Because for salon businesses your website will be a virtual door to get more clients. 


4 Online appointment booking

Your online appointment booking system can be useful for salons as well as customers to plan appointments. Your booking form on a website should contain calendar feature so that customers can check the availability of date and time. Booking tab should contain following details:

  • Services offered by specific salon
  • Date & time availability
  • Pricing 
  • Any personal message user might want to convey to stylist 
  • Payment method to choose

Customers should be able to book an appointment as per their schedule and convenience through your online booking platform.


5 Managing dashboard

The dashboard is a control hub of any platform. Style & Smile online salon booking platform’s dashboard is designed in an effective manner to manage user accounts effortlessly.  In your dashboard users should be able to manage their profile and edit a profile too. On the dashboard, users can get all the necessary information of their account. A dashboard should consist features such as bookings, payment history, and profile information. With efficient dashboard effective appointment management becomes possible.


6 Personalize the experience

Providing profile creation of salon business is mandatory. Along with this allow customers to generate their profile too. Customers should be able to lookup their past appointments and payment history. This feature is very useful when a customer is looking for a specific salon, stylist or service name. This way customers will get a personalized experience.


7 Social Media integration

Social media is an effective marketing tool. So make sure that salon services get integrated with social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter. Provide social media links of Facebook, Twitter, Linked in & Pinterest of listed salons in your website. So that salons will be able to promote their social media accounts and visitors also can share their favorite salon page on their own account. Social media helps to build community or group of people who like salon services.    


8 Great technical support

Your website should have an excellent support team to solve technical issues easily. If something is not working right in your website then customers as well salon owners will look for fast help. Offer both online customer support and customer support over the phone.  It is true that by providing manual – user can access manual and find the solution but it is also a fact that nothing beats human experience. Have excellent support team for a website. Ultimately your aim should be to provide technical support when the user faces any problem in online booking platform.



Salon booking website will be a platform that connects clients with beauty professionals in a seamless way. The main purpose of salon booking website is the ease of booking. By considering above features you can create an efficient and user-friendly website. With these features, you can help salon owners to get more clients. If you are salon owner and looking for an effective online booking platform then we have designed Style & Smile online salon booking platform to increase your clients and make your business efficient. To get more information about online salon booking platform or to get a demo contact us today. Our experienced design and development team will be happy to help you.

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