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Carboy car wash : Service you have never experienced before

Carboy car service application is here to offer seamless experience booking your first Car service.

Times have changed so as Technology. Make sure to book your first service, therefore, you can experience the elegance of the Service you have never experienced before.

With the help of your Carboy Application, you can be tension-free. Since you do not have wait in a long queue and get answers like “It will still take an Hour or Two to complete your Service”.

Wasting time causes a considerable amount of loss then you can ever imagine. Now simply clicking on the Application and Booking your Service is all you need do.

Cleanse your Car with the CarBoy Car wash service

About Carboy car wash application:

The amount you pay for the car service should make justice to the service that is offered to you.

Finding a garage nearest your house is quite difficult and in addition to that booking, a car wash at your own time is near to impossible.

In those times, CarBoy application will save the day and help you to Get your perfect wash and deliver services at your doorstep. Comfort should be the first priority before providing the service.

Plenty of the Car-wash application is already in the market however, the services and facilities Carboy offers are unmatchable. Waiting won’t help, rather Contact us now to get detailed info on CarBoy App.

Our detailed insights about Carboy features:



The application consists of mainly three parts:

Admin side Actions

  • Secure login: Authentication may be a key to secure your user information, therefore, we’ve to form absolute to originated sturdy authentication for backend and frontend.
  • Manage category: Admin has complete rights of updating, removing and adding categories as per the choice.
  • Merchant management: it’s necessary to manage merchants and analyse their activities on a timely duration. The offered choices consist of blocking or unblocking a particular account.
  • Subscription Management: Entire subscription will be managed as well as helps to facilitate adding a brand-new sub, adding or removing subscriptions. Also, there is an option to verify customer identity.
  • Universal settings : About us and Privacy policy pages are crucial to any website or application. Therefore, it should be perfectly structured.
    FAQ page: List of Q&A is often managed by admin which incorporates adding, deleting and managing queries and answers.

Merchant end actions:

  • Login : Merchant grants login into the trader executive board.
  • Dashboard : A wonderfully organized dashboard could assist the admin with getting a quick point of view on a phase including different bundle, most recent booking, remaining wash, and so forth.
  • Service the executives : The vendor can administer benefits by including new organization and revising or removing increasingly prepared admin.
  • Package arrangement: The merchant can regulate group by including a new pack and revising or deleting the older ones.
  • Employee organization : The Merchant can regulate Employee by including new specialist and square or removing increasingly settled ones.
  • Booking the board : Merchant can manage the task force just as relegate a labourer to the solicitation and regulate the status of lingering washing.
  • Review bits of knowledge: Merchant can view review and rating of organizations which is given by the customers.
  • Membership: Merchant can see all enrollment and get it.

User end actions:

  • User login: The validation is the most significant element of any application; accordingly, we should make a point to assemble a solid verification for client login. Client needs to enter login and secret password to go into Carboy administration.
  • Sign up : If you haven’t signed up for Carboy application? Essentially, join with your Name, Username and validate yourself with a solid secret Password. Next, you can sign in and get into your application dashboard legitimately.
  •  Carboy dashboard : The dashboard has point by point data about client examination and information, it would be simpler for you to know whether clients like your application and how you can improve administrations and features for them.
  • Ease of getting to Booking list : Since you are now on the dashboard; it is simpler to explore to booking list. You can see New, Upcoming, and Completed appointments there.
  •  Profile creation: Now, you have turned into a star to utilize a Carboy application. Explore your profile and make one as indicated by your booking inclinations to ride with CarBoy app.

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